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Below is all of my Android apps that are on Google Play.

Football Facts

Why do Arsenal wear red?
Which world champion boxer signer for Liverpool in 1944?
Why don’t A.C. Milan spell it Milano?
And why did India withdraw from the 1950 World Cup?
Well, it doesn’t matter if you call it football or soccer with “Football Facts” you’ll find out the answer to these questions and have an ever growing collection of interesting and surprising facts about the Clubs and National teams of the world of football!
  • Over 300 facts
  • Search for Club or National facts
  • Search by A-Z, Country, Confederation or View All
  • Player Facts!
  • Manager Facts!
  • Share facts with your friends
Coming soon:
  • More Facts!
  • Create Your Own Favourites list!
  • League Facts!

Postage checker

Sending something by Royal Mail? Need to know if its a letter, large letter or packet? Then “Postage Checker Light” is the app for you! This app is for people sending items via Royal Mail. It allows you to know if your is a letter, large letter or packet and the postage cost. This is done by entering the item’s length(mm), width(mm), thickness(mm) and weight(g) then choosing 1st or 2nd class. It is advisable to use this as a guide before going to your local Post Office. If you want rid of the ad bars then check out “Postage Checker”An ad free paid for version “Postage Checker” is also available on Android Market –