MacKay Boatbuilders

MacKay Boatbuilders Arbroath Ltd

This site was created for MacKay Boatbuilders Arbroath Ltd. who are based in Arbroath harbour, but carry out work nationwide.

The site was created using their original as a guide. The result that was achieved by modifying the 2011 WordPress theme. Very little of the code had to be touched due to the new functionality added by WordPress.

Their old site hadn’t been updated in a number of years, but now that they have access to a CMS they will be able to keep the site as a whole up-to-date and show  prospective clients what work has recently been carried out at MacKay’s.


He was very helpfull and explained everything in the process very well. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a website for their business.

Lynn Cameron MacKay Boatbuilders Arbroath Ltd

MacKay Boat Builders